Borderline Players

Bridging the border communities of

Vermont and Quebec through

Arts and Entertainment.

Borderline Players

Bridging the border communities of

Vermont and Quebec through

Arts and Entertainment.

Auditions for our 2019 season January 4, 5

@ First Universalist Parish Hall, Derby Line, VT

After our highly successful debut season, Borderline Players is looking forward to Season 2 - an original play with a local theme, a hit musical, and madcap murder mystery.

Auditions for all three plays will take place January 4 and 5 at the First Universalist Parish Hall in Derby Line, Vt. 

Below are the plays and the roles available. Visit our 2019 Season page for play synopses. 


All Together Now, May 10-12, 17-19

12 Characters; cast: 5M, 4F, 1C

Directed by Ross Murray

  • Mrs. Prangley: Head librarian, educated, with progressive ideas but bound by structure. female, 30-mid40s, leading role
  • Vladic: A stranger from a semi-Soviet nation hiding out in the library, speaks with a heavy Slavic accent. male, 20-40, leading role
  • Mrs. Whiteman: Asst. librarian, close to retirement, bit of a curmudgeon. female, 50-mid60s, supporting role
  • Chester:  Husband of Bunny, newlywed, Midwestern, likes corn. male, 20s, supporting role
  • Bunny: Wife of Chester, newlywed, Midwestern, eats some brownies. female, 20s, supporting role
  • Mr. Selby: Vice-President of the library, Derby Line banker, stern. male, 50-mid60s, supporting role
  • Mr. Girard: Mayor of Rock Island, enthusiastic and energetic, progressive, speaks with Québécois accent. male, 40-mid50s, supporting role
  • Mrs. Thompson: Library patron, conservative busy-body, mother of Jeremy. female, mid-late 30s, minor role
  • Jeremy: Library patron, ragamuffin. male or female, 3-5, minor role, mostly non-speaking.
  • Border Patrol Agent*: Narrator. male, 30-60 
  • Mr. Bentley*: British musical agent, mature swinger type. male, 30-60
  • Mr. Roy*: Library patron, older local character. male, 30-60

*Characters to be played by single actor

Mamma Mia: Aug. 9-11, 16-18

Directed by Mary Hoadley

This show requires a large amount of singing for all cast members. Many roles require a large amount of dancing/movement.

All cast members will be required to be available for rehearsals July 29-August 8 without interruption. 

Audition process

Please bring a resume and CURRENT photo/headshot.

Auditions will require singing; reading sides and call backs for dance may be required.

Please be prepared to sing for more than one role. (i.e. those auditioning for Donna may be asked to also audition for Tanya or Rosie.)


  • Donna Sheridan, 35-50, Alto/Mezzo (dancing required) Attractive and free-spirited. A former lead singer in a group called “Donna and the Dynamos” who now owns and runs a hotel/casino on a Greek island. A strong feminist who also has a zany and vulnerable side. Soloist.
  • Sophie Sheridan, 18-25, Pop Soprano, Alto/Mezzo (dancing required) A very special young woman who is determined to find the romance and happiness she feels eluded her mother. Has a wild, zany spirit even though she pursues a conventional marriage. Soloist.
  • Tanya Cresham-Leigh, 35-50, Alto/Mezzo (dancing required) One of Donna’s oldest and best friends, she has married several millionaires and discovered a lot more about plastic surgery than love - to the extent that she was ever looking. Wild, fun-loving and a big character, she flirts mercilessly with young men, happy to play, but not to stick around. Soloist.
  • Rosie Mulligan, 35-50, Alto/Mezzo (dancing required) Donna’s friend a former member of the Dynamos; unmarried, free-spirited and a renowned author of cookbooks. A character who has developed a confident, funny and self-deprecating exterior which masks her inner vulnerability. Mostly comic, yet one of the most poignant moments in the show in the heart of Act 2. Dances like nobody’s watching! Soloist.
  • Sam Carmichael, 35-55, Bari Tenor (some dancing required) One of Sophie’s potential fathers and a wealthy architect. Sam has regretted leaving Donna all his life and now finds himself divorced and back in her presence. He is straight-laced, confident and composed. At times he is perhaps a little over- bearing, but he is determined not to mess up the second chance he has been given... a very true and honest character within the chaos. Soloist.
  • Harry Bright, 35-55, High Baritone, proficient acoustic guitar player a plus! (Some dancing required). Another of Sophie’s potential fathers and a respected London banker, (Maybe English Accent). Once a head-banging, partying musician who went down the straight road - at least with his career. He is quirky, in the closet and something of a romantic nostalgist. A nice guy, determined to make up for some past regrets and full of singing. Soloist.
  • Bill Austin, 35-55, High Baritone (Some dancing required) Another of Sophie’s potential fathers, a well-known travel writer, Bill has visited the far reaches of the earth, but never found what he’s really looking for. A real character (Maybe English or Australian), Bill has generally avoided the complexities of a relationship and now wonders if it’s too late. Lots of comedy and a golden heart within. (Soloist)


  • Sky, 18-30, Tenor, must sing up to a Ab4. (Dancing required). Sophie’s fiancé; a former stockbroker who moved to the island in a young version of a mid-life crisis. He is older than Sophie, but smitten by her exotic charm. Perhaps he is too eager to please and has not quite found all the answers he had hoped for on the island. Soloist.
  • Ali & Lisa, 18-30, excellent singers and dancers. Sophie’s friends who have traveled to the island for the wedding. A supporting double-act of bubbly, bridesmaid excitement. (Many company numbers)
  • Pepper, 18-30, Baritone/Tenor (dancing required) A flirty waiter at the Taverna featured through his brief relationship with Tanya. Hot, energetic and fun-loving, makes a great double-act with Eddie. Great opportunity for a good mover, who is comfortable with his shirt off. Soloist.
  • Eddie, 18-35, excellent singer and dancer. A waiter, boatman and handyman at the Taverna. Other half of double-act with Pepper. Fairly nonspecific. Opportunity for a good young character actor to create something interesting. (Key player in several full company numbers)
  • Father Alexandrios, 20-60. Must be an excellent singer and dancer. The minister who officiates Sophie’s wedding. Often a Greek Orthodox priest, this is a potentially delightful little role for a character actor of non-specified gender with some imagination. (Will be a strong part of the full company in singing and dancing.)
  • Male/ Female Ensemble (16+) All must be excellent singers and dancers. Looking for a diverse and dynamic group with lots of energy and commitment to learning lots of music and choreography. Audition pieces: Female: Honey, Honey/Males: Lay All Your Love On Me

Drop Dead! October 18-20, 25-26

Director: TBD

Cast Size: 7m, 3f                

  • Victor Lepewe - the director 
  • Sol Weisenheimer - the producer 
  • Phillip- the stage manager
  • Alabama Miller - the playwright 
  • Mona Monet - the TV star 
  • Brent Reynolds - the method actor 
  • Chaz Looney - the apprentice 
  • Candy Apples - the ex-porn star 
  • Constance Crawford - old stage star 
  • Dick Shalit - Gene Shalit's brother                

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